Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exploring Boston via Ducktour, Check!

Sooooo one of the many things I want to do before we leave New England was a ducktour through Boston and is of course the best land/sea tour in the area (don't be fooled by the super duck tours)... The man's friends coming from Maryland and a super awesome Buywithme coupon and we were booked on a Sunday afternoon Ducktour...

It was rainy (hence the lack of pictures) but we had an awesome time.

The ride consisted of a ride through Boston historic landmarks and a guided tour of sorts (our guide was a bit of a joker so I am unsure if some of what he said was true or not...

*The only thing we didn't enjoy about this? Were the Kardashian's sitting in the front row... you'd think we were interrupting their Ducktour...

We considered this a great double date and I scratched one more off my list of things to do before leaving New England! Hollaaaaaa!

List Update:
1. Climb Mt. Monadnok
2. Holiday trip to Yankee Candle
3. Portland, ME weekend
4. Touring Newport RI
5. Great Barrington Farmer's Market
6. King Richard's Fair
7. Topsfield Fair
8. New England Sports Games
9.Vermont Foliage
10. Chipmunks Adventure Stylie Hot Air Ballon Ride
11. Duck Tour

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  1. Aw! I have never taken a duck tour and always wanted you. AND - since I lived right near the Yankee Candle Factory, we could totally make a day trip and I could show you Amherst while we're at it! So fun, especially during the fall! And Chris and I are planning on doing the Newport mansion-thing this summer. You & B should come along! Two more things to cross off. But seriously. Don't move anywhere for awhile. I'd miss you tons.


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