Monday, November 8, 2010

My New BFF, Rit Dye

My advanced materials, a bucket and a bathroom

I have found in my creating travels that one of my favorite ways to complete change an old fabric, a sheet, a stained shirt... the list could go on... is by using a dye bath. Yes, it can be quite the messy experience but if you are careful(and scared of what your boyfriend will do to you if the bathroom is stained red, you can totally transform almost anything with a dye bath.

My most recent besties...

My new best friend in this endeavor is Rit dye for two simple reasons. It is inexpensive and it is strong enough to get the job done. I have used other dyes in the past and have been less that impressed at their promises to give me lime green or magenta... never vibrant enough for me, folks.

The fabric and the golden yellow dye bath

I love experimenting with different colors and fabrics, sometimes pretty successfully (other times... not so much). One thing is for sure that a good dye bath can change everything for the better. I am going to keep exploring new techniques and colors to find out what works the best for my crafty goodness.

After tying the fabric around a tube and a black dye bath

One of manfriend's shirts (I bought it too big) in an experimental red dye bath
An old sheet that is basically new fabric with a little "sunshine orange"

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