Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling Discouraged

Today I feel discouraged. I have been working on crafting and sewing and studying and blogging for 2 weeksish now. I know I know, 2 weeks is nothing... but I am a woman who wants/ needs/ yearns for immediate success or even small successes. I have gotten a lot of positive encouragement from BF and has actually been surprisingly sweet about things he may not necessarily care too much about. He cares about his investment in me and with that comes his investement in my interests. Man, he is a good guy!

I have been working on a tote, then a purse and I have had many a good creative idea come through my head. First I dip dyed a tshirt then cut it to form over backing to eventually work into a purse. Well that turned sour when I pinned an absolutely awesome ruffly pattern and then botched it when I went to secure it. I absolutely abhor how it came out and I can't help but think I squandered a good idea with poor executuion. BF keeps reminding me that I am working out the kinks in my ideas and my creative flow. That I need to work on foundations instead of trying to rush to the finished product. I think I need to take that advice to heart and really crack down on my work.

It's hard to stay encouraged even when you have someone encouraging you every step of the way.

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