Monday, April 1, 2019

The Truth about Bang Energy Drink

I normally don't write posts about stuff like this but when I was contacted for a sponsored post about the dangers of Bang Energy Drink I was like meh, let me check this out before saying no to it. Once I watch the video on the home page of the Truth about Bang Energy Drink's webpage, I was so skeeved out by the guy who supposedly created this drink, that I looked into it's claims and the truth/lies a little further.

What bothers me the most about this man, his claims and his energy drink, is that he wants the public to believe that the ingredients it contains will reverse mental disabilities as well as prevent diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Huntington disease and other forms of dementia. As someone who has seen the effects of dementia, and the pain it causes loved ones, it really does just piss me off that someone would be selling people false hope in a can of energy drink. Like seriously.

His claims don’t end there though. All of his claims are based on an ingredient called “Super Creatine”. Independent testing shows that this “Super Creatine” isn’t actually creatine at all. The CEO of Bang Energy, who used to be a high school science teacher, invented this “Super Creatine” and is advertising it as creatine, which is a muscle building supplement that affects the heart, liver and brain. But even the CEO of Bang Energy admits that no testing has been done on how “Super Creatine” affects the human brain, liver, heart or muscles. It’s almost like we are walking science experiments.

You can see all the lawsuits being filed against the company and founder of Bang Energy Drink on the webpage I referenced earlier. Our goal in spreading this message is that the FDA begins to investigate the product that is out on the market, taking all the lawsuits into consideration and perhaps we may be able to make the public aware that this is not a drink that is put on the shelves with your best interest in mind. It's just not. False Advertising is not something that should be rewarded.

*This is a sponsored post; I was compensated for my time writing about Bang Energy. However all my thoughts are my own and came directly from my own research online and from

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